Anonymous glory hole in LS25. The set up is a curtain over a doorway with a hole in it. You will park on the main road so no neighbours see you arrive or leave. You will then come through the back gate and through the back door into a dark or semi dark kitchen depending on the time of night/morning. Ahead you will see another doorway with the curtain, Stick your cock through and leave me to wank and suck (I don’t deepthroat) When close whisper and I’ll make sure its in my mouth and keep sucking as you fill it with your cum. You can then pull your pants up and leave at which point I will swallow your load. I like regular visitors so if you like the idea of a mouth to service you multiple times a week or month or If you are just passing once feel free to stop by. NOTE: I’m a single 30 year old man but I DON’T live alone, Therefore 90% of the time I will be doing this whilst my housemate is sleeping upstairs so I ask that you only whisper and we will be fine.



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