Traveling Mobile Gloryhole at different discreet exciting locations where you can enter and leave anonymously.

Since here at the it is impossible for me to update/add open hours in real time I have marked the
Gloryhole as 24/7 open which of course is not possible. Consult the website when the next available opening
is available in your area.

Often at luxury hotels and private apartments with nice views outside to add to an exciting experience.

Usage of the Gloryhole is with a contribution of a small donation to cover the rented locations. It is run like a
private club where people can become VIP for a low access fee, but that is optional. If you want free visits,
those are available on a limited basis per event.

Open mostly for top guys, but also for selected passive users.

It happens often that your cock gets serviced by 2 mouths at the same time.

Additional forms of Contact:
*Telegram* @tenerifegloryhole




2 Reviews

  • Frank T.


    What a nice surprise. A fabric traveling Gloryhole located in the island of Tenerife. He is only open a few days each month in changing locations. I tried him last year (2020) in summer – and to my surprise I had 2 mouths servicing my dick. I came like a fountain. Hope to come back when traveling is easier again after Covid.

    • tenerifegloryhole

      Thanks a lot. I open this in different locations in rented apartments and hotel rooms for the maximum of privacy. Because of this I usually ask for a small donation between 5-10 Euros, but it is NOT obligatory. I remember you because you tipped me 20 Euros which was a big surprise. Anytime again when you come for your next vacation.

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