Unique 3D Gloryhole, NOT a hole in a flat wall, see pic! Invented, built, refined to allow comfortable but unrestrained and anonymous copulation in a “mouth/throat-vagina”.

I just love to hear sound of a horny Brother unbuckling and unzipping, and rig a really warm and juicy “pussy” for him on my gay side of the 3D Gloryhole. And do everything to stay in place as he delivers those final crazy thrusts, that brings his cock to ejaculate deep inside it. But, hey, I do give regular Blowjobs also 😅

Easy, casual, friendly! No need to come from shower to visit this unrepentant cock-lover: Male members brought directly from work-place, school, street, tourist activities eagerly welcomed! Cock-smell allowed in this GH, just hang it in! 🔥😜🤠

Sturdy construction for complete separation and anonymity. Red-light & music. Bathroom in hallway to wash/wipe up afterwards if needed. Mostly daytime. Slim, blond, nice-faced, healthy, educated sucker here, don’t be chubby, ok. Approximate location: Hermannplatz. WhatsApp, Kik, Email.
First contact: E-mail form here or Telegram @GH_Kotti (please write that you found info in GloryholeDirectory).


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  • R.


    Hey. Hit me up on telegram @shdxptyx

  • DallePalle


    Looks like a good time. Visiting Berlin soon 😉 tell me more!

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