Discreet gloryhole guys if you want a fantastic discreet blow job then am the gloryhole for you

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  • Big A


    Just got back home from my first to visit to this gloryhole and my cock is still tingling. This was the first time I’ve EVER visited a gloryhole and it certainly won’t be my last visited to this guy. He’s an expert cock sucker. That was the fastest I’ve ever cum from a blowjob in my life, it felt amazing, haha. Until next time, thanks again.

  • Kev


    Wow this gloryhole is the best I have used can this guy suck cock my legs are shaking if you want a fantastic bj guys this is the gloryhole to use he is very good and it’s very discreet

  • Kevin


    Wow wow wow what a gloryhole if your want an intense bj this is the gloryhole guys he sucks cock good and I mean good the best bj I have ever had my legs was shaking for hours after

  • Al


    Knows how suck cock drained me will be going back

  • Danny


    Wow I have never had a blow job like it this Gloryhole definitely knows how to suck cock guys if you want a very discreet blow job this is the gloryhole to use I am definitely going back

  • Steve


    Me and my mate was staying in Barnsley and thought we would try this Gloryhole omg we tick it in turns put our cocks in and this guy worked his magic we loved it and next time we are in the area we are definitely going back I can’t stop thinking about it WOW

  • Zac


    I travel all over the uk and used a lot of Gloryholes but this guy is the best yet guys if your in the area and you need a bj this is the guy to use my legs are still like jelly an hour later thanks pal

  • Ryan


    Perfect Gloryhole if your looking for a discreet gloryhole this is the guy nice discreet house very clean and give an outstanding bj guys you must try it

  • Darren 34


    I used this Gloryhole last night it’s very discreet and the guy can suck cock I have never had a bj like it it was the best ever guys if you get the chance use it

  • Alan


    I messaged this Gloryhole at 3am and said I could go use it wow the best thing I have ever done I have never had a bj like it my legs are still shaking 3 hours later lol guys you must try him

  • Lee


    10 out of 10 fantastic

  • Dean and darren


    Me and my mate was staying in a hotel with work both horny so went to use this Gloryhole we took it in turns putting our cocks in the hole and honestly guys we both could not walk after we had to sit in the car half hour before I could drive this Gloryhole is the best I have never had a blow job like and and my mate thinks the same we are definitely using it again next time we are in the area

  • John889


    First class rang this guy and within 20 minutes my penis was in the gloryhole and he serviced it well I will be going again if your looking for fun and need discretion you should use this service

  • Dave


    When is it open and where ?

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