A chastity faggot lives here and services men most of the time. Killer throat and bomb pussy. Pretty nice luxury building, clean, and dark. Message him to make an appointment
Kik: Faggotronique
Twitter: @faggotronique

18 Reviews

  • Terrible


    Sketchy and is a old guy servicing. The apartment also has a wierd smell.

    • Jay

      U must be mistaken, pussy is soft and mouth too, deep. It’s a good pussyhole, will take and gobble ur dick up whole… would highly recommend….there’s def no old guy on the other side of the gh lol

  • Zaddy Bear


    Best glory hole PERIOD. Can suck and be bred all day – it makes him hungry for more and sucks you dry

    Clean, tight, warm – what else do you need?

    Anyone complaining is a thirsty bottom who wished they had the best cake in show

  • Corey


    Amazing throat and even better, smooth pussy. Will take your load in either hole like a good whore should, 10/10

  • FuckthisGloryhole


    This gloryhole gave me gonorrhea. I confronted him on sniff but dude just disappeared. He just takes loads and shares STDs.

    • Faggot

      This did not happen as reported.

      You get blocked when you threaten me or put my space and security at risk.

      If an STI ever crops up, I notify my most recent visitors and take a break while I recover. It’s the responsible thing to do, and the adult thing to do.

      Leaving hateful and fake comments, or threatening a person who just sucked your dick, these are not the adult thing to do. It’s childish.

  • Neighbor


    Best GH in NYC – silky, sloppy, loose pussy and amazing head. Reliable and consistently great faggot. Obedient and willing to go with the flow.

  • MarriedTom


    The good reviews are fake. Save yourself the hassle as the gloryhole host is either bi polar or something with passive anger and poor hygiene. I believe the std part from the last reviewers.

    It’s that bad.

    • Faggot

      Are you guys going to/contacting the right gloryhole? Lol. These experiences don’t line up – I haven’t served anyone in three weeks.

      Who are you?

  • Horny40


    Where are u located

  • AdminTeam


    This account has reserved to not be contacted by any members and no longer participating and would be removed shortly from directory. Please continue to browse other active spots.

    • Owner of the GH

      This is not true. This posting will remain active and will remain open for service

  • Socialassassin


    Have tried reaching out not sure if communication gets lost or not but def looking to slide thru one day

  • bobloblaw


    I’ve explored most of the gloryholes in BK and this is by far and away the best.

  • That person


    GH open now?

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