Set up a gloryhole in the building I’m remodeling here in Denton. Was an old attorneys office but now empty and most days it is just myself here…. Enjoy stopping at the theaters when I can but I’ve been horny as fuck since I’ve been over here this week so I had the idea to set up my own. Have an absolute fetish and obsession with BBC.!!! I never say never, but to this point, it’s the only kind of dick I have serviced. Love, big, huge monster superior, Dominant dick!!! I love to get loud, messy, sloppy, slutty, and absolutely filthy while sucking, slurping and serving big, massive dicks! Let me worship, praise and admire your big superior cock while you fuck my face and stuff, every bit of your cock deep down my eager throat. The bigger the better and BBC is desperately desired, and preferred. Would entertain and consider others if WELL above average, 8.5”+ min.,and nice, thick and girthy!! I from experience know I can Deep Throat, yes completely swallow and make disappear about 11”….. some easier than others, but the challenge and trying turns me on more than you can imagine. Love being talked, nasty to, degraded a little and humiliated at times, smacked all over my face and tongue with big thick cocks, using no hands, while forcing myself down on a big monsterous cock, being gagged, choked and suffocated and held down on a big dick That’s stuffing and completely filling my wet, horny throat! Love to slobber, spit and slurp all over them like a total fucking slut!! And to finish, I love having my face covered and drenched with big, huge hot loads of cum. Coat my face while calling me names and saying nasty things then smear it around all over with your nice thick meaty dick!!!! Love, having my picture taken during or videoed also.



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