There are many well-endowed men who are irritable because their testicles are full of semen. This is a result of ineffective masturbation, or a wife who is not adequately servicing their needs. A man’s fluid should be drained regularly.

As a lad, I was trained how to properly service a man by an older neighbor man. He was a tradesman who was tall, fit, hairy, and very well-endowed. I spent hours on my knees servicing his long, thick cock with a fat mushroom head. His two large testicles ejaculated a massive thick load that I learned to completely swallow. He was a task master and demanded I did not get off my knees until he was satisfied.

Now that I am divorced, I miss those days and would like to again service a hung tradesman at no charge. If you are a 30+ man who is fit, hairy, well-endowed and are in need of service, please contact me for an appointment.

I enjoy servicing, believe in servicing the entire shaft and testicles, always deep throat, and will swallow your entire load, and do not stop until you’re flaccid and your shaft is clean. You will not leave until your balls are completely empty.

No drama, no bullshit. Let’s get your shaft shined and fluids drained now! Email me for more information.



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