Strong tongue, smooth throat , absolutely no gag reflex. Experience with sizes from medium to XXL Gum job simulated with teeth guards – no scraping EVER. You can sit down or stand up. I love hands on my head to hold me in place or down to the base and I love to swallow.



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  • Nordic Lumberjack


    This dude is a dedicated cocksucker and he treated my cock like it was the most important thing in the universe. He has a velvet mouth and a stellar technique that made me shake when I came. He did everything I demanded and I’m hard thinking about it while I write this. Plus he is a very sweet guy, even while being a true pig for cock and cum. Don’t pass him up!

  • Too Big They Say


    9.5×6 cut white here – nobody ever took my cock to base before without teeth hurting me. I never expected to be swallowed the way this guy does it. Expert doesn’t begin to describe him. Parking is not good where he is but it’s worth the trip.

  • Mike


    Me and my girl trying to suck dick together

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